The Power of Productivity in The Cloud

Businesses Thrive with Oracle HCM Fusion

The days when HR departments manually juggled multiple systems are long gone. Organizations are now switching to HCM Cloud-based applications to run HR processes, store data, and do more innovation in less time. Cloud tech is offering companies a solution that unifies HR systems onto a single platform that enables real-time reporting and analytics for key decision-makers.

We will look at how you can tap the power of cloud tech to do more and increase employee productivity, even in times of crisis.

Go paperless

With Cloud-based HR applications such as Fusion Extracts and HCM Fusion, the need to store employee records in large file cabinets is greatly reduced. You are able store all files securely in the cloud and access them in real-time with apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The data is stored digitally, and HR employees can search, access, and print the file in seconds. This reduces time wastage and increases employee productivity.

Real-time performance assessments

It is standard practice for HR departments to periodically assess employee performance. Manual assessment that involves tons of paperwork takes a lot of time to complete. With cloud HR software, you can automatically track employee performance in real-time. Additionally, cloud HR solutions are designed to help your HR team provide additional training in less time than ever before.

More employee engagements

Cloud HR applications leverage big data and mobile technology to increase employee engagement. You can use Cloud tools to send out pulse surveys to employees in a matter of minutes. Data from such surveys provide you with important feedback on how you can serve your employees better. You can also utilize Cloud HR system to track hours and manage your employee payroll.

Fast deployments

Compared to standard HR software, Cloud-based HR solutions are easy to deploy and manage. With Cloud tech, you don’t have to worry about security updates or maintenance costs as these variables are managed by the SaaS provider. Cloud-based HR systems are also cheaper and offer more value than standard HR management software. Once they are deployed, the cloud solutions will provide value for money by cutting down on data and time costs. This releases huge resources that you can use on employee satisfaction programs.

Let DataTerrain Help with all BIACM Needs

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