HealthCare digital

Proper health care is no longer just a visit to your local physician making treatment decisions based upon temperature checks and blood pressure measurements.

Pokes and prods to the abdomen, a cold stethoscope to the chest, gentle ear probes, and tongue depressors for the throat exam, gentle touch to the neck and arm sockets looking for lumps, all now have become digital information uploaded into a database containing the history of our bodies. Add to this, blood and urine analysis, x-rays, full-body scans and much more and our physical existence has now become a complete blueprint stored in some vast array of data out in the cloud. Envision that holographic image of the patient that can now be passed around to any medical professional needing to consult on your physical well-being and the essence of modern medicine has been achieved!

Unfortunately, this digital image is just an incoherent array of bits and bytes to medical professionals who are experts in their fields, but as data manipulators, not so much.

Step up to the Jaspersoft suite of software!

What once was the arduous task of data mining to access your digital body can now be presented in customized pixel-perfect reports. Jaspersoft Studio makes the task of data extraction and report generation an efficient operation satisfying the need for quick turnaround and awesome report presentation. Medical professionals no longer have to rely on the IT department to write code to extract data, spending hours or days or months customizing the displays that, often-times only satisfy the programmer but leave wanting the medical professional.

Jaspersoft Studio as a standalone database query and report generator, provides a display-friendly, intuitive approach to data extraction and report construction not found in other products. No longer is the wait time for information reliant upon a fleet of programmers but can now be efficiently aggregated and presented in customized reports quickly and easily.

Store these reports in Jaspersoft Server and now their presentation value is extended to all that need them. Reports using web page displays, Excel spreadsheets, .PDF’s, or embedded into existing software will make for efficiencies of operations unheard of when dealing with data extraction and report generation. Need to change or add to these reports? No problem! Re-coding of software is unnecessary. Manipulation, additions or deletions of information is easily done as the reports are as dynamic as the need for change is anticipated using Jaspersoft Studio.

Incorporate Jaspersoft into existing software functions, No problem! It functions just as easily as an API accessing information, easing the need for programmers to customize data extraction and report generation to a few easy steps, providing the same quality pixel-perfect reports as the stand-alone version.

Make life easy when it comes to accessing patient data. Provide the tools needed to facilitate the “need for speed” your medical professionals are demanding as our healthcare requirements become more complex. Eliminate the bottlenecks to patient care by providing coherent reports and timely access to information!  The Jaspersoft suite of software can provide all that and so much more!