Oracle HCM Reports in 2021

The year 2021 will see HR practitioners expand into new roles and learn new methods of achieving success. Many of the changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic are likely here to stay, at least in some form. The following traits will help individuals in HR roles thrive in the new working environment.

Embracing Technology

An embrace of technology will be key for HR practitioners. Companies like Oracle, with its HCM Cloud suite, have rolled out a variety of tools that can help business leaders make better-informed decisions and automate more processes. HR-focused employees will need to utilize this technology both so they can use it themselves and so they can help roll relevant tools out to the rest of their company.

Embracing Empathy

Empathy is also very likely to be more important than ever. This may seem counterintuitive in a world featuring more remote work, but when human connections are limited, the connections that do take place rise in importance. Embracing technology doesn’t preclude companies from also embracing empathy.

Technology can even make companies more empathetic. If data from software-driven HCM extracts points out that employees are working too much or are not using their vacation time, then companies can adjust accordingly to help them avoid burnout.

Providing Data

Employees in the modern workforce have shown a markedly increased desire to be able to view and understand data. To aid them, HR practitioners will need to be data literate themselves and able to provide usable insights to others. Flexible and actionable technology like HCM fusion reports will give them a leg up.

New Ways of Scheduling

HR practitioners need to also be aware that how people work may not be the only big shift in workplace culture. Employees will also desire more flexibility over when they work. It’s impossible to know what new scheduling patterns will emerge—but HR employees need to be aware that changes are likely on the way.

Tasteful Oversight

More companies are rolling out software to track their employees’ actions. However, this may breed resentment. To avoid being overly intrusive, companies will need HR-driven policies that strike a balance between oversight and preservation of employees’ privacy.

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