Re-think HCM with Oracle Fusion

Talent development is essential for keeping your company’s best workers in the fold: Helping them improve professionally shows that the company is invested in them, and they in turn will be more invested in the company—plus better at their jobs. This post looks at how companies can use Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system to improve human resources operations and support high-potential employees, all with an eye toward talent recruiting, retention, and development.

HCM, Human Resources, and the Executive Team

The HR wing of a company plays a huge role in talent development. This is true in several areas, including recruiting, employee retention, and improving individual employees. Oracle has released an eBook PDF that outlines how its HCM Cloud applications can assist HR professionals in all of those tasks.

For example, Oracle’s software can help deliver accurate compensation-increase recommendations, which is highly useful for retention purposes. The Oracle suite can also identify top performers and their motivations. Additionally, the software can help set individual goals so that developing employees have accurate, reasonable targets to shoot for. The software also promises to improve the performance-review process. As for finding employees in the first place, the Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a tool that can be used to identify both internal and external candidates.

Oracle’s HCM Cloud can also help support a company’s executive team in myriad ways; for instance, the goal-setting applications that HR will find useful will also be of use to executives. Additionally, executives can use Oracle to help groom high performers to take on executive roles in the future.

High Potential Employees

Oracle’s HCM software thrives when it comes to developing high potential employees. For instance, HCM reports can provide valuable information on how employees are performing. Additionally, Oracle’s Cloud Workforce Predictions software can perform cutting-edge analysis on a company’s employees. For instance, it can predict how well a high performer might take to a new role, if a high performer is at risk of leaving the organization, and more.

Let DataTerrain Help with Trusted, Comprehensive and Flexible HCM Cloud Reporting Solutions

All of the components of this system are supported by the Oracle HCM Fusion infrastructure, and the software is adaptable to virtually any organization. Your company can use it to attract, develop, and retain the workers needed to take the organization to the next level. Get in touch with the BI support team at DataTerrain today by contacting us here.