Tableau Server Management

Tableau Server Management makes it easier to run large, mission-critical Tableau Server deployments. With Tableau Server Management, you can react quickly to the changing needs of your business and save time by streamlining the management process.

Better visibility for efficient Server management
Tableau’s Windows or Linux deployment provides improved monitoring through its agent-based Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool. With increased visibility into hardware utilization, VizQL sessions, data source queries, backgrounder workloads and more, it’s easier to manage and precisely tune the performance of your server.
Simplified content migration
Simplify and streamline your workbook and data source content workflows with the Tableau Content Migration Tool. Manage the movement of content between projects, sites or Tableau Server environments.
Leverage cloud services for better reliability and scalability
For large deployments hosted on AWS or Azure, customers can choose to host their Tableau Server metadata repository externally, with Amazon RDS Postgres or Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

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