Amazon Quicksight

Currently Amazon QuickSight supports the following primitive data types such as Date, Decimal, Integer, and String.

● Date primitive type supports both 24-hour and 12-hour clocks. It also supports in the range from Jan 1, 1400 00:00:00 UTC to Feb 26, 2364 23:59:59 UTC for SPICE datasets.
● Whereas the decimal data type supports up to only four decimal points and if it is higher scale then it will be truncated to the four decimal places.
● Boolean data types are converted to integers in Amazon QuickSight.
● If a certain field contains values which are not being recognised by Amazon QuickSight then the rows with these values will be skipped.
● In a few cases a particular data field might contain values that the JDBC driver can’t interpret for the source database then those values are being replaced by null.
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