You would see lot of tables in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud, but you might wonder what is the purpose of the tables that end with the following suffixes such as _ALL, _TL, _VL, _V, _F, _VL, _A and so on. Below is a description provided for each of these tables:
• _ALL table holds all the information about different operating units in Multi-Org environment.
• _TL are tables corresponding to another table with the same name. These tables provide multiple language support. For each item in the table without _TL there can be many rows in the _TL table, but all with different values in the LANGUAGE column.
• _B tables are the BASE tables. Data is stored in the table with all validations. It is supposed that these table will always contain the perfect format data.
• If anything happens to the BASE table data, then it is a data corruption issue.
• _F tables are date tracked tables, which occur in HR and Payroll. These table will have the two date columns – EFFECTIVE_START_DATE and EFFECTIVE_END_DATE – which together with the primary key identifies a row uniquely.
• _V tables are the views created based on the base tables
• _VL are views for multi-language tables which combines the row of the base table with the corresponding row of the _TL table where the LANGUAGE = USERENV(‘LANG’).
• _S are sequences, used for finding new values for the primary key of a table.
• _A, _AVN and _ACN are tables used for audit.
• _EFC tables use Euro as Financial Currency

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