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Developing talent is critical if you want to keep that talent for years to come. Hiring new employees can be a long, expensive process, so it’s important to develop the employees you already have or they may feel unprepared and start thinking about leaving. Talent development is so important, in fact, that it’s a core function of the Oracle HCM Fusion suite. In this article, you’ll learn about the roles both people and technology play in talent development.

The Role of People

People at many levels of an organization have a hand in developing employees with high potential for advancement. Take, for example, this partial list of development responsibilities:

  • The executive team should help identify talent and set goals for employee development. For employees on the track toward executive roles, mentorship from an executive team member may be appropriate.
  • Mentors should regularly converse with their mentees, assist in their goal identification and articulation, and advise them regarding career advancement. They should also step in to remove barriers like a manager’s interference in employee development.
  • Coaches should identify the skills and competencies employees should focus on developing. In some development programs, one person can be both a coach and mentor, but when the roles are separate, the coach tends to be more hands-on.
  • Human resources professionals should put effort into succession planning, which helps with talent identification. Generally, among other tasks, HR professionals will also play a big role in the mentor steering committee, fulfill the coach role, and identify and train mentors.
  • Managers should adjust employees’ overall workloads and specific assignments so that they avoid burnout and have time for developmental tasks.
  • Finally, the employee under development must accept feedback, identify their own training needs, complete tasks, and otherwise do what they need to do to develop.

Technology’s Role

Talent development becomes easier with the right technology. For example, the HCM Cloud assists HR professionals in recurring, onboarding, performance management, and career development. Even succession planning becomes more manageable with this software. Additionally, the suite’s learning modules can directly help employees develop their skills.

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