Jaspersoft reporting

Jaspersoft studio and Jaspersoft server are separate applications which can be installed separately and integrated together. Jaspersoft Studio can be integrated with Jaspersoft server and allows to access and modify the resources.

The following are steps to integrate Jaspersoft studio with Jaspersoft server:

• In the Repository Explorer section of Jaspersoft Studio Server can be added by clicking on “Create JasperReports Server Connection” which displays the “Server Profile Wizard”.
• Server name, URL, username and password can be entered, and the connection can be tested and created.
• The server setup from the Jaspersoft studio is a onetime process and once done reports, subreports and other resources like images can be published from the Jaspersoft studio.

Integrating Jaspersoft studio and Jaspersoft server provides the following benefits:

• The same data source used in the Jaspersoft studio can be created in the server also and can be mapped when publishing the report.
• For LOV parameters, corresponding Input controls with respect to the parameters can be created in the server and can be mapped to the reports once published. Similarly, all the resource files like images, fonts, JAR files, Style sheet templates, Resource bundle files and input controls can be created and mapped to the published report.
• Jaspersoft also allows connecting to multiple servers to access environments like development, test and production from the same Jaspersoft studio.
• All resource files from the Server can be opened, modified and re-published in the Jaspersoft studio level.

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