OBIEE migration

A sub-report is simply a report composed of its own JRXML source and compiled in a Jasper file. Creating a sub-report is very similar to creating any other report. The margins of a sub-report are usually set to zero for sub-reports because a sub-report is meant to be a portion of a page, not an entire document. The horizontal dimension of the sub-report should be as large as the element into which it is placed in the parent report.

There are three steps to creating and adding a sub-report:

• Create a report – Create a parent or master report that will contain the sub-report.

• Create a sub-report – Create and compile a sub-report. Optionally create a dynamic connection to filter the records of the sub-report based on the parent’s data.

• Add the sub-report to the parent report – Insert a sub-report element and specify the following:
o The data adapter or data source for the sub-report.
o The location of the sub-reports compiled Jasper file.
o An optional parameters map (it can be empty) to set the report parameters used in the dynamic connection.

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