ETL Solutions – Glue / Informatica / Snap Logic.

Extract – Transform – Load – Explore your data!

DataTerrain has developed unique automation tools to migrate legacy PLSQL scripts or legacy ETL tools that have time-tested business logic to modern ETL processes. Moving to the latest ETL tools gives current business owners a great graphical user interface to easily understand and modify the process or validate the data on demand. DataTerrain can showcase methods to efficiently lift and shift data into a format much more suitable for business/data analysis.

ETL Tools such as Informatica or Glue, or Snap Logic are designed to extract data from its source and load the data into a different destination. ETL tools perform essential data preparation for business analysis transforming it into a state fit for analysis and then moving the resulting data to a final location such as a Dynamo DB or Redshift or Snowflake, or S3 bucket. ETL is a critical component of many data-driven applications, ensuring that the data is in the correct format and is up-to-date. Without ETL, it would be difficult to keep data in sync between multiple systems.

Improved data quality with ETL tools is very efficient, and the resultant refined data give business much more accuracy and efficiency. ETL tools are a critical component of modern data science, enabling data scientists to analyze data before it reaches analytics platforms.

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