Tableau Scenario

Tableau’s flexible front-end combined with powerful input capabilities, helps you quickly modify calculations and test different scenarios.

With sets, groups, drag-and-drop segmentation, and parameters, Tableau makes it possible to move from theories and questions to a professional-looking dashboard that allows even non-experts to ask questions and test their own scenarios.
Streamlining what-if analysis empowers you to focus on the more complex aspects of your analysis and deliver greater insights. At the same time, it’s easy to create intuitive visuals that help anyone engage with data.

Tableau features can be used for scenario and what-if analysis:

  1. Parameters: The parameters in Tableau are the workbook variables like a number, date, or calculated field that allow users to replace a constant value in a calculation, filter, or reference line.
  2. Stories: In Tableau, a story is a sequence of visualizations that work together to convey information. You can create stories to tell a data narrative, provide context, demonstrate how decisions relate to outcomes, or to simply make a compelling case.

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