Jaspersoft Server (also called JasperReports server), is the core of the Jaspersoft BI Suite. It builds on the JasperReports Library to provide a fully functional and stand-alone report server. Jaspersoft Server provides many important features such as security, a repository, and scheduling.

• Jaspersoft server can be downloaded and installed separately. Once installed it can be accessed via the URL andfrom Jaspersoft studio.

• Jaspersoft Server commercial edition offers a complete user-friendly web-based drag and drop Adhoc reporting feature. Users can build interactive charts, tables and cross tab analytics.

• Jaspersoft server supports all datasource connectors that are available in Jaspersoft library.

Jaspersoft server provides flexible, modern and embeddable server architecture such as data caching and storage architecture, REST and SOAP based web services for simplified integration, mobile application and multi touch capability and so on.

• Report scheduling based on a calendar can be performed for the deployed reports from the Jaspersoft server.

• Security setup can be done by Administrators from Jaspersoft server by providing user based and role-based access to reports, dashboards, resources and folders.

• Jaspersoft server Commercial edition also has the capability to design a metadata layer called Domain with business logic and joins. On top of domains, reports and analytics can be generated from the server.

• Any resource files like images, Style sheet templates, Resource bundle files and input controls can be added directly from the Jaspersoft server and can be accessed inside the reports from Jaspersoft studio.

• It also provides OLAP(On-Line Analytical Processing) by which data can be accessed through an intuitive web interface and those data’s can be explored by drilling, pivoting, filtering, visualizing and defining alerts based on data values.

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