Oracle HCM offers security in Cloud by providing Role-based security, Predefined HCM roles and Role types. There are various security-related tasks which can be performed on the Human Capital Management Cloud security consoles, such as Create and manage the custom job, abstract, and duty roles, compare roles and so on.

In order to access the security console, one must hold IT Security Manager role by which Job Roles, duties and users can be implemented and managed.

  • Role-Based Security -Users have roles through which they can gain access to functions and data, they can have any number of roles.
  • Role Types – Oracle HCM has five types of roles such as data roles, abstract roles, job roles, aggregate privileges and duty roles.
  • Role Based Access Control – This defines who can do what on which data.
  • Predefined HCM Roles –Oracle HCM has many predefined roles such as benefits administrator, benefits manager, compensation manager, employee, line manager, etc.
  • HCM cloud security also provides Role Inheritance by which a role can be inherited by other roles.
  • There are few HCM business objects which are secured by default such as a person, organization, position, country, payroll, payroll flow, etc. Unless you grant access to these objects users cannot access them.

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