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Given how important staying up-to-date with technological changes has become, it’s no wonder many business leaders are curious about topics like PowerBI migration and cloud-based software. This article tackles one particular facet of today’s technological landscape: how organizations can smoothly adjust to what the new working world looks like.

Helping Employees Connect

Many organizations that have lasted through the pandemic have undergone major changes, such as bringing on employees from new parts of the country and shifting to more lenient work-from-home policies. The new landscape is an exciting one, but it can also be daunting for uninformed or under informed employees. That’s one area in which technology can help; By using the connection-fostering functionality of Oracle’s HCM Cloud suite, organizations may find it easier to build bridges between employees. Managers can learn about new direct reports, while coworkers can make needed connections to complete projects.

Supporting Employee Benefits

Strong benefits packages are key to keeping employees happy and retaining their talent. Organizations that properly leverage technology can both design custom benefits packages and offer easy-to-use self-service platforms for their employees to access those benefits.

Offering Digital Help

Given how much has changed over the past two years, it’s understandable that people may want all the help they can get accessing and understanding new information. That’s why a key function of Oracle’s HCM software is providing digital assistant services. The Oracle digital assistant can help employees understand benefits like vacation, receive development suggestions, and expedite a number of routine tasks.

Managing Workforces More Easily

Workforce management is perhaps more challenging than ever, with employees spread across the world and asynchronous work schedules becoming more common. Luckily, workforce management software is available so that organizations can streamline tasks such as tracking absences and identifying productivity issues. This software also assists with flexible scheduling. This is a key consideration given how work shifts have become less standardized. The latest digital tools even aid organizations in the areas of health and safety.

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