Oracle HCM Reports Expedite and Simplify

Cloud computing has become an integral part of most HR processes as organizations seek to implement tools that will make the management of all human capital needs more efficient and impactful. Tools such as those provided by Oracle HCM Cloud have given HR departments control over most “hire-to-retire” processes through ensuring compliance, rigorous governance, and a good risk management approach.

The Hire-to-Retire concept is creating a consistent flow for the management of an employee’s career with the company. HCM makes that goal much more achievable. Some of the key features you will benefit from when using Oracle HCM Cloud for hire-to-retire goals include:

  • HR Administration – Cloud connectivity has made it possible to track and manage all employee activity. It can be integrated with other third-party and BI support systems to better the employee experience. You can track training and development needs, worker’s compensation, employee transfers, HR compliance needs, and so on.
  • Workforce Analytics – Through the workforce analytics dashboard, HR managers can view workforce data for individual employees, trending data, and robust employee analytics. These HR analytics enable management teams to make informed decisions when it comes to employee appraisal, labor costs, training, staff turnover, new opportunities, and so on.
  • Employer/Employee Portal – Through Oracle HCM Cloud, employers and employees have access to tasks and other HR data at any time, from anywhere, and through any device. Through such portals, employers can access such things as HCM reports, time off employee requests, and act on timecards, among other activities. Employees can perform such tasks as submitting time-off requests, and so on. They can also track their career steps. The enhanced customizability makes it possible for individuals to view only what they should have access to.
  • Onboarding – This is one of the most time-consuming and intensive processes of the hiring process. Through Oracle HCM Cloud, you can capture and store pertinent employee data. This data is shared with different employee management applications such as the payroll, thus easing HR administration. You can also customize the employee onboarding process to fit functional and departmental needs.   
  • Workforce Development – Through Oracle HCM Cloud tools, you will be able to identify performance areas that need improvement for each employee. The platform also enables you to provide self-service tools that not only empower employees but also help managers to accomplish employee development-related tasks.
  • Work-Life Solutions – In some instances, the use of HR software results in some tasks being carried out manually to fully eliminate the possibility of miscommunication, personal prejudice, and poor judgment, among other human errors. Through the use of cloud solutions that provide standard messaging and other communication needs, your organization can guide and support constructive human interactions.

Get Oracle and BI Report Support for Implementing Hire-to-Retire HR Strategies

To encourage a career focus among talented employees, companies have to support their aspirations more actively. Cloud-based HCM solutions make that goal more achievable. Empowering the career development of your employees promotes job satisfaction, reducing employee turnover and helping you make the most of the top talent in your organization. Get your organization invested and engaged with the future of your employees! Learn more about how DataTerrain reporting can help your company grow by contacting us here