Business Intelligence Reports Transition Automation Service

DataTerrain Automation Developed by our world-class engineering team over a ten-year period and experienced by over 250 customers primarily in the US and Canada, DataTerrain Automation is the unique state-of-the-art centerpiece (automation tool) of the DataTerrain report transition service. Performs an Apples to Apples Transition DataTerrain Automation (automation tool) extracts report information from a current reporting source, then converts and publishes your reports to the desired target BI reporting system. Once complete, users can use their new reports in the new BI reporting system. DataTerrain Automation converts reports from any reporting source (e.g. WEBI to OBIEE / BI Publisher / OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud), Crystal reports to OBIEE / OAC, BRIO to OBIEE  or BI Publisher or OAC, Discoverer to OBIEE / OAC , Actuate to OBIEE / OAC, Crystal reports to Jasper, Cognos to OBIEE / OAC, Webi to Cognos) to work in any BI reporting destination system . Since the transition is largely automated, the majority of all transitions occur at lightning speed, bringing enormous cost and time savings for customers otherwise facing grueling manual transition efforts. DataTerrain Automation performs extraction, transition, and output generation phases at lightning speed using internal, built-in, proprietary intelligence. Depending on the individual … Continue reading Business Intelligence Reports Transition Automation Service