The Properties view in Jaspersoft Report helps the user to configure a selected element. If more than one element is selected, only the properties of those elements have in common are shown. If the Properties view is not visible, open the context menu for the selected elements and find the Show Properties menu item, which shows and brings to the front the Properties view.

Properties are organized into tabs and sections for a better organization and usability. Tabs can include the following:

  • Appearance tab, which contains all the properties responsible for element size, position, colors, style and flags when the element is shown in the runtime.
  • Borders tab, where user can configure how borders of the element are painted.
  • An element tab allows the user to set evaluation time along with properties specific to the element type. For example:
  • The Static Text tab allows the user to define unchangeable text for a field and control its appearance.
  • The Text Field tab allows the user to format and position a text field element.
  • The Image tab allows the user to set image alignment, fill, and scale properties.
  • Advanced tab, which contains all the properties for the report element in the form of a table tree, and the user can reset the property to the default value, in the context menu.

Some elements have more than one element-specific tab. For example, the Chart component has the Chart and Chart Plot tabs, and the Map component has the Map, Authentication, Markers, and Paths tabs.

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