HCM paycheck

Oracle has seeded reports such as Payslip and Paycheck but at times Users would like to have a report which will have a summarized information of the data that is available on the Payslip/Paycheck so that they can reconcile this report’s data with Oracle’s report in order to confirm the amounts produced are correct in all these reports.

Users can run this pre-built report when they would want to see,
1. The total amount processed for a particular paycheck date
2. To confirm if the amounts produced for a paycheck date is correct in the Oracle’s seeded reports.
3. To check the total amounts processed for each paycheck date separately in a huge check date range that they run.

DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report:
The Prebuilt report Paycheck Detail will provide the Users with data such as employee number, employee name, pay period start/end date, element name, element description, the sum of earnings and sum of earnings hours.
Users can run this report with the below parameters,
1. For a single Check Date/For a range as Start Check Date and End Check Date
2. For a single Person
3. For a Payroll
This report is built as an HCM Extract in order to have a better performance as this report involves fetching all the elements processed for all employees on a paycheck date. This report can be run from the ‘Checklist’ section. Based on the user’s request, this can be built as BIP report if the Users prefer to run the report from BI Publisher catalog.
Output: The output data lists the employees, pay period details, elements and the amounts processed for each element on the pay check date entered in the parameter. This report also produces totals for each check date so that this data can be reconciled with the other Oracle paycheck reports. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also be rendered as CSV.
Schedule: Payroll Team can schedule the report to get it delivered weekly/bi-weekly or the date range can be coded dynamically as per request and use it for a regular audit of the amounts processed during each paycheck date.
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