Tracking the workforce by their employment type (i.e., Full Time/Part Time) is important to have a clear record of the payroll elements processed to these employees.

Appropriate Payroll elements should be processed by the Organization for each employee type. This report provides a list of employees who had a change in their employment type in the date range we run.

Report Description: DataTerrain’s prebuilt report helps an Organization to identify the employees who had a recent change in Employment types such as transferring from full time to part-time or vice versa.
This report can be run for a date range or even a single effective date so that Users can view the employment type changes that occurred in a particular date range. Parameters available in the report are listed below:
• Effective Start Date/End Date
• Person Number
• Payroll
• Legal Employer
This report is available as BIP report and hence it can be directly run the BI Publisher Catalog itself.
Output: The output data will have details regarding the person number, latest assignment number and status, Effective start and end dates of the latest assignment, Hire/Rehire Date, Current employment type, Previous employment type, Current and previous hourly rates and Legal Employer. It also has information regarding the recent Business Unit, Department and Location. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also be rendered as PDF/CSV.
Schedule: HR/Payroll Team can schedule the report to get it delivered for each Month/Quarter and use it for auditing their workforce or the payroll elements getting processed for each payroll.

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