In Fusion, Personal Payment methods of employees are defined when payroll is created.
Each employee can have more than one payment method associated with him. If no personal payment method is added to an employee, he will receive his pay by the default payment method of their payrolls.

These personal payment methods do not change often for employees. The changes in the employee’s personal payment methods should be checked recurrently in order to prevent the payment being transferred to any incorrect bank accounts which can happen during phishing attacks.

Report Description: DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report lists the changes in the personal payment methods of the employees in the past 7 days. This report takes the current date as the input and gets the payment changes in the last one week’s period.
This report can also be modified to run for a date range so that Users can view the changes that occurred in a particular date range.
This report is built as a BIP report and hence it can be run from the BI Publisher Catalog.

Output: The output data will have details regarding the old and new bank branch number, account numbers if the personal payment method has changed. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also be rendered as PDF/CSV.

Schedule: HR Team can also schedule the report to get it delivered weekly/bi-weekly and use it for a regular audit on the personal payment method changes so that any incorrect bank accounts or phishing threats that could modify the bank accounts in the system could be easily detected.

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