Oracle HCM DataTerrain

In general, HR Audit reports are critical to have a clear review and comply to standards of how the workforce is utilized in an Organization. The Prebuilt HCM Job Audit report has excellent functionalities to tracks all changes that occurred in an Employee’s Assignment/Job during a date range that we run the report for.

This Prebuilt report can be run for a date range or by default for the past 30 days which could be scheduled and delivered to a FTP Server/Email as per the User’s requirement. Enhancements such as adding new parameters or conditions to this report is simple. The output type, by default, is Excel which is also customizable to any other format.

DataTerrain’s Pre-built reports usually are built in the below 3 reporting formats:

1. HCM Extract
2. BI Publisher Data model reports

Some Users prefer to run the report from CheckList which would require the report to be built as Extract and some run directly from BI Publisher Catalog for which reports should be BIP/OTBI. We have developed this report in both an HCM Extract report and BI Publisher Data model report which users can make use of as per their needs.

The Pre-built Job Audit report captures the following major functionalities and it is customizable:

1. Employees may have been shifted to a different work assignments, Business Unit or position. HR/Payroll team can do a quick run of this report to get a list of the employees who had these changes in the last month.
2. Changes in an Employee’s Worker Category, Assignment Category, Fulltime to Part-time Shift, Location, Department and Grade can also be checked by using this report.
3. Employee’s HR Data changes such Name, Address, Phone can also be seen in the output of this report.

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