The HCM Prebuilt Payroll Audit Report has excellent functionalities to track/capture the employees that are being paid more than standard hours to reduce over-payments.

This Prebuilt report can be run for Organization or Payroll or PersonNumber or Date Range which could be scheduled and delivered to an FTP Server/Email as per the user’s requirement. Enhancements such as adding new parameters or conditions to this report are simple. The output type, by default, is Excel which is also customizable to any other format (such as PDF/CSV).

Report output contains following columns such as Person Number, Assignment Number, First Name, Legal Employer, Payroll Name, Pay Period Begin, Pay Period End, Standard Working Hours.

Some users prefer to run the report from CheckList which would require the report to be built as Extract and some run directly from BI Publisher Catalog for which reports should be BIP. We have developed this report in both an HCM Extract report and BI Publisher Data model report which users can make use of as per their needs.

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Output Sample :