Microsoft Power BI

Digital transformations of business models have led Organizational leaders across the globe to recognize the pivotal role played by Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms(ABI) in decision-making.

These platforms empower the front line by democratizing data and enabling the alignment of real-time information with accumulated organizational wisdom. This enables the creation of a flexible culture that is responsive to market changes with accountability and analytics capabilities appropriately augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As ABI platforms emphasize the role of visual self-service for end users and focus on shifting (from the analyst persona) to the consumer or decision-maker personas, Power BI continues to lead the back. It is named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for analytics and business intelligence platforms.  Power BI is one of the largest and fastest-growing business-intelligence clouds to create and share data visualizations. Its global data centers include national clouds that organizations need to meet to comply with local regulations in diverse geographies. Through Office 365 and its extensive, visionary roadmap, Power BI continues to expand its market reach and build momentum.

DataTerrain Subject Matter Experts have observed that leaders of large organizations identify the following as major differentiators of Power BI –

  • It is designed to build businesses on secure data analytics by –
    • Using Microsoft information to label Power BI data based on their sensitivity in the familiar Microsoft 365 experience
    • Applying Microsoft Cloud Security and ensuring data loss prevention and governance for Power BI users
    • Improving compliance with privacy and regulatory requirements, enhancing oversight of sensitive data through Bring Your Own Key(BYOK)
    • Tightening the protection of organizational data by using service tags, azure private link, and azure virtual network with Power BI
  • A data-driven culture can be created by making BI accessible to everyone in the organization – economically. Power BI Desktop is free to use and Power BI Pro is available as a monthly subscription.
  • Access to rapid and user-driven innovation based on thousands of ideas submitted annually by a community of millions of users. Weekly and monthly updates continuously enhance Power BI features and capabilities.
  • Integration of self-service and enterprise analytics on a single platform that provides access to an Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) toolkit,  powerful semantic models, an open connectivity framework, and pixel-perfect paginated report layouts.
  • Competitive advantage from data by deriving deeper and more helpful insights by connecting to and combining the entire data estate
  • Accelerating insights from structured and unstructured data(including text and images) by building Machine Learning(ML) models using the latest advances in Microsoft AI
  • Improving the accuracy of BI content and publishing efficiency with simple visual cues that ease the movement of content through the deployment pipeline from Development to Production
  • Unparalleled inter-operation with Excel queries, data models, and dashboards along with  the ability to easily build business applications and automate workflows
  • Enabling timely data-driven decisions by streaming analytics from factory sensors to social media feeds

Gartner® notes that the strengths of Microsoft Power BI are –

  • Alignment with Office 365, Azure, and Synapse addressing multiple data and analytics persona and use cases. In addition, integration with Teams for remote work collaboration is a compelling benefit for customers
  • Optimal pricing and value proposition with the Power BI cloud service providing rich capabilities including augmented analytics and automated ML(autoML)
  • Cross utilization under the Power portfolio consisting of Power BI, Power Apps, and Power automate, in addition to AI-powered services like text, image, and sentiment analytics to drive business value.

Working as trusted partners of global organizations like the Global Fortune 250 manufacturer and leader in construction, mining, energy, and transportation equipment, DataTerrain experts have leveraged all key Power BI offerings like –

  • visual data discovery and data preparation,
  • powerful alignment with Microsoft Excel, Teams, Sharepoint, and Office 365
  • interactive dashboards with augmented analytics