Jaspersoft provides a remarkable feature for users to Create and deploy their own Custom Visualization component.

The following are some of the Jaspersoft Custom Visualization component features and usage.

Jaspersoft offers an extensive feature allowing users to create their own Custom Visualization component. Users can take advantage of creating Custom Visualization component provided they have coding knowledge in Javascript, CSS and HTML.

• Basically, Custom Visualization Component renders a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image file. Once the component is created and deployed, it will be available in the element palette from where it can be drag and dropped in to the report.

• Custom Visualization Component requires few configuration steps. Once these steps are done, users can develop their own visualization component to enrich their reports and to make the reports more flexible depending on the requirements.

• Custom Visualization component in Jaspersoft can also be created using JSON that allows users to add their own Component UI (Property name , type and data items) , thumb nail image (image that appear in the design view when the component is drag and dropped from the palette) and location of the script and reference files used for the creation of the Visualization component.

• A Custom Visualization component in Jaspersoft can also be included with the Javascript libraries like D3.js, Raphel, Highcharts and JQuery.

• Custom Visualization reports when exported to HTML can be interactive.

• Using Custom Visualization Component in Jaspersoft users can improvise their reports and meet their specific requirements in visualization perspective.


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