Parsing in Informatica

The Data Processor transformation in Informatica PowerCenter processes unstructured and semi-structured file formats in a mapping.

A mapping uses a Data Processor transformation to change documents from one format to another. The Data Processor transformation processes files of any format in a mapping. When you create a Data Processor transformation, you define components that convert the data. It also has following options

  • Parser – It converts source documents to XML but the input can be in any format such as text, HTML, Word, PDF or HL7
  • Serializer – It converts an XML file to an output document of any format such as text document, an HTML document or a PDF.
  • Mapper – It converts XML source documents to another XML structure or schema and same XML documents as in an XMap.
  • Transformer – Modification such as adding, removing, converting or changing text can be done for any format and it can be run as a stand-alone component or with other options like Parser, Mapper or Serializer.
  • Streamer – It splits large input documents such as multi-gigabyte into many segments and it also processes documents that have multiple messages or records in them such as HIPAA or EDI files.

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