Jasper Reports Server has built-in security that ensures that users can only access the data they are allowed to view. The following are the major Jaspersoft Server security features.

Jaspersoft Server provides Security configuration in User level, Application level and Domain level.
• Jaspersoft offers setting up Authentication and Authorization. These steps can be configured through the “Manage Security” option will be visible to the Admin users in the Jaspersoft server.
• Authentication includes creating users and roles from Jaspersoft server using the “Add user” option. Once users are created, roles can be assigned to specific users. Also, a user may belong to any number of roles. The administrator can create, modify and delete Users and Roles.
• Authorization includes control over Menu options and pages, Organization scope, Resource permissions, Administrator privileges, Data-level security and Profile attributes.
• Row-level security and Column level security can be applied to the Domains security file in XML format configured in Jaspersoft Server Commercial edition.
• Application level security can be achieved in configuration level which includes protection against SQL injection, password encryptions in configuration files, restriction of file uploading, disabling Unused HTTP verbs, etc.

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