Sessions in Informatica can be configured to use IBM DB2, Oracle, Sybase IQ and Teradata external loaders to load target files into their respective database.

Certain rules need to be followed before you begin to run external loaders.

  • Disable Constraints – You disable constraints built into the tables receiving the data before performing the load.
  • Turn off or disable database logging – By increasing the commit intervals and turning off the database logging you can preserve high performance in the database; but to perform database recovery on failed sessions, you must have database logging turned on.
  • Configuring the code pages – All the external database servers must use the same code page as the target flat file code page. The integration services in Informatica create the control files and target flat files using the target flat file code page.
  • Configuring the external loader connection as a resource – If the integration service is configured to run on a grid then configure the external loader connection as a resource on the node where the external loader is available.

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