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Why Every Company Needs an Effective Human Capital Management System

For proper development and progress of any organization or company, human capital management (HCM) is a back bone of every Human Resources office. If you’re leading an organization or company, it’s essential for you to take care of developing the management system of human capital. Human resource management systems, such as Oracle PeopleSoft reports, link human resources and information technology, and facilitates a company directory with a matrix team and dotted line reporting features.

A proper combination of the skilled human power and the information technology improves efficiency and increases the productivity of any organization. When groups of employees from different functions work together to achieve a common goal, they typically form a matrix team. These teams are time bound and could be formal or informal.  The Matrix Team capability for the administrator is already available in Oracle PeopleSoft Crystal Reports.

Unlike Matrix team relationships, Dotted Line Relationships normally represent a one-to-one relationship in between two individuals that is formal and somewhat long term.  Dotted Line Relationships are not specific to one goal or project and represent a working relationship which is a part of an employee’s daily activities and tasks.

Examples of Dotted Line Relationships capabilities, for creating lines of control in organizations, include:

  • Mentee – Mentor relationship, including new hire with journeyman employee
  • An employee having an administrative manager and a functional manager
  • Director – Pooled Executive Assistant relationship
  • Temporary or contractual employees
  • Assigned point of contacts from HR, Legal, Security, Training, etc.

Peoplesoft HCM and Dotted Line Relationships help businesses operate smoother and increase the performance of employees in an effective way, and many operations are included in it. Training and development, selection, recruitment, succession planning are the aspects of the system.

There are some other important things that are considered to make the system strong. These are performance management, career management, competency and learning management. The systems mentioned above ensure that the employees of the organization are armed with the competencies and working efficiency required for gaining strategic results for the organization.

With a career development plan for employees, you’re able to increase employee morale and enthusiasm about their development and careers. Through this plan, you would be able to understand the skills of your employees and the working efficiency. According to these qualities and efficiencies, you can employ them to work in your organization, not just for it. You would enhance individual and organizational performance as strategically-targeted competencies.

These programs improve retention for top performers who use BI tools to grow an organization. As a business person, if you are looking for the strategy that can increase the productivity of your organization, get in touch with the professionals at DataTerrain to see how we can help.

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