Oracle HCM Reports Can Optimize Your Organization

Every business wants to increase its ROI, and mortgage companies are no exception. Movement Mortgage has increased its ROI using tools from the Oracle family of programs to streamline its operations and boost its visibility.

Movement Mortgage’s Success
Movement Mortgage adopted Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud (TMC) to make recruiting and onboarding an easier and more productive process. They saw immediate benefits as open positions took 50% less time to fill, overhead costs fell, and processes sped up.

The company used its newfound efficiency to help it grow. After opening new positions, they now have more than 3,700 employees spread across 47 states, allowing them to access many different real estate markets. Its newfound efficiency also let it speed up its underwriting and approval process, a key selling point.

Switching to Oracle Talent Management also allowed Movement Mortgage to discontinue the use of costly and inefficient outside recruiters. The TMC’s flexibility and customizable options let the company bring recruiting and onboarding in-house. Because the banking industry has certain security and background thresholds that applicants must meet, Movement Mortgage used the TMC’s Career Center feature to attract and quickly filter applicants based on those requirements.

Applications for Other Businesses
While Movement Mortgage used Oracle’s BI tools to find and onboard candidates suitable for working in the mortgage industry, virtually any type of business can benefit from Oracle Learn Reports. For instance, take the Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, which is the overarching software suite that contains many other efficiency boosters.

The Power of Oracle BI Support Transforms Your Business

The HCM applications offer workforce management solutions and ways to boost employee engagement. Additionally, HR professionals can learn from Oracle reports about the employees in their organization: Reports can predict who is at risk of leaving, who is stagnating, who is overdue for a raise, and so on. HCM Cloud makes it easier to attract employees and keep them once they’re on board. If you are interested in seeing what kind of benefits Oracle HCM applications can offer your business, contact the professionals at DataTerrain today.