HCM Cloud Works For Your Business

Since it was first established, Oracle has sought to continually develop products with innovative capabilities. This explains why the company reported a staggering $39.8 billion in total revenue for the 2018 fiscal year. This year’s spring updates are expected to make Oracle’s products more functional and usable by small and mid-size businesses. Some of the most popular updates include:

Virtual Assistants

Oracle is the first HCM Company to move from the conventional chatbox to the next generation, mobile-responsive virtual assistants. Through the Oracle Digital Assistant, users access all the data they require in a single conversation without engaging multiple chatbots. Also, users can switch to other topics mid-conversation without worrying that the digital assistant will not understand the context.

HR Help Desk

This feature is the bridge between an organization’s HR function and the employees. Through the HR Help Desk, employees can get answers to their queries and view the latest information and policies. Managers can easily submit and manage team members’ requests on a centralized platform. The result is an HR function that operates effectively and efficiently as they have fewer HR-related cases to handle.

Strategic Workforce Planning

In a world where big data is becoming a key part of any organization, big or small, strategic workforce planning is critical. Through Discoverer reports, Oracle HCM enables you to forecast and analyze the future of your market, performance metrics, and identify skill gaps. This enables you to anticipate challenges and come up with action plans that will improve your corporate image. Through such reports, you can always monitor, assess, and revise your action plans.

Recruiting Module

Oracle’s Recruiting Cloud module is aimed at enabling small and mid-sized companies to find the best talent and efficiently onboard them through adaptive intelligence. Some of the benefits using Oracle’s Recruiting module includes:

  • It streamlines the hiring process
  • The candidates have a better experience of the hiring process
  • It provides useful insights on recruiting needs thus enabling recruiters to make better and informed hiring decision
  • Improved compliance with hiring and other labor laws

Take Your Organization To The Next Level With BI Report Support

These are only a handful of the diverse features Oracle offers. International support when it comes to Oracle Fusion HCM ensures that small and mid-sized businesses, even in emerging markets, can use the software. It will be interesting to find out how these updates, along with BI support, transform the landscape for such businesses. You can ensure that your business is prepared for anything by adopting a scalable HCM solution and nurturing an engaged and knowledgeable workforce that is ready to embrace it. Contact the team at DataTerrain to see how to propel your organization into the global market.