BI Support And HCM Cloud Reports at Your Fingertips

The user experience (UX) is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of software. The Oracle HCM Cloud suite of programs and other tools that support it excel in this area, providing an incredible UX for HR and HCM professionals.

An Elegant UX
Oracle’s approach to developing the UX focuses on making the interface “similar to the consumer devices that people use in other aspects of their lives,” as explained by product marketing director Mark Prizament. That means the technology is easy for new users to understand and interact with.

Additionally, Oracle puts continual effort into improving the technology. For instance, the company is currently working on developing and rolling out wearable technology, such as watches that can help provide data to workers and organizations.

Easy-to-Understand Insights
The UX provided by Oracle also benefits from the fact that Oracle tools provide easy-to-digest insights. Oracle’s business intelligence (BI) tools serve as an example. The tools provide BI support by combining different methods of analysis to create understandable, functional data. For instance, the suite’s Interactive Dashboards provide data to users that is “intuitive” and “interactive,” according to the company’s page on the topic. Another tool in the suite is called BI Delivers, which makes communication easier by providing self-service alert creation as well as a portal for subscriptions. Yet another tool, the Real-Time Decision Server, provides a smooth UX that eases decision making by quickly analyzing data and deriving insights from it.

These are just a few of the many tools provided in the BI suite, which itself is only a portion of what the Oracle programs have to offer.

Unified Systems
Another factor that makes Oracle’s UX stand out from the crowd is the unification of different features. For instance, Oracle Fusion HCM tools can be combined with enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions, as covered on this page from Oracle. This cross-functionality can give employees, managers, and executives access to data from across the company as needed. That, in turn, can smooth out the process of making important decisions. Additionally, the fact that both the HCM and ERP programs come from Oracle means that Oracle can provide ongoing support for all of the tools involved—another component in providing a great UX.

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