Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)

Oracle BICS (Business Intelligence Cloud Service) is a Product as a service (Paas) provided by Oracle to have a ready to go business intelligence reporting and analytics.

BICS is an alternate solution to OTBI-E HCM customers who has analytic needs in addition to HCM reporting capabilities.

It can also be integrated with Oracle database cloud service or can support data from external source to perform analytics in cloud (BICS).

We can make any customization to the existing models or add extended tables into the business model of the BIAPPS meta-data (.rpd) while using BICS, this allows us to use any extended functionality of the HCM.

We can also upload any of our on-premises meta-data (.rpd) file to the BICS and perform analytics. The BICS also provides the visual analyzer service to have enhanced visualizations to analytics.

The Deployment/migration of meta-data (.rpd), catalog files (reports), Security (Roles and Privileges) is made simple with the BICS environment

One of the greatest advantage of using BICS is that all server related services including hardware, operating System, network, patching and upgrading will be oracle’s responsibility. This will give the users a greater flexibility in maintaining the BICS environment

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