Oracle HCM Helps Your Business Acquire New Talent

Are you taking full advantage of your social media platforms? Expand your pool of potential talent with the new collaboration between Oracle Fusion HCM and LinkedIn, making it easier for prospective employees and your business to find one-another.

Find the talent you need with the marriage of Oracle and LinkedIn; here’s what this collaboration means for you:

Narrows the Field.
LinkedIn is a platform rich with talent that is perfect for your company; with nearly 600 million people profiling their talents on the site, the real issue comes down to finding these candidates. This collaboration will help tease out potential hires amid the sea of profiles, saving endless hours of work for your human resource staff.

Updates Your Audience.
Through this collaboration and unity, individuals that meet specific criteria and fit the bill are notified of the opportunity to apply and share their profile. This results in prompt action and a faster hiring process.

Finds a Match.
When you need to hire someone pronto, your company’s needs are matched up to the strengths, experiences, and expertise of potential hires. It takes a lot of the guesswork and tedium out of the hiring process.

Enhances Overall Experience.
When the experience of applying for a job is easy and relaxed, it leaves a positive impression on the individual which helps with the reputation that your company is building. Furthermore, this seamless process helps great candidates apply-for and get the job that you are offering; don’t make it harder for potential employees to come to work for you!

Helps Hire from Within.
Some of your most valuable hires could come from within your company. A new profile import feature will allow sharing and cross referencing, of sorts, of an employee’s LinkedIn profile and their Oracle profile, making it easy for them to apply for opportunities in-house.

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