What Does On-Boarding Mean To Your Organization?

Many organizations are used to improvising when it comes to on-boarding, the process of familiarizing new employees with the mechanisms and systems in place at any organization.

Conventionally, on-boarding is done with the aim of providing new employees with the skills and expertise needed for them to fully integrate with the existing team. Here, useful behaviors and skills are imparted and instructed to new employees with the aim of getting them comfortable with workplace mechanisms as quickly as possible.

Different business models will have different on-boarding methods and techniques. It can be a hard process to standardize, which is why PeopleSoft’s Image 23 provides a much-needed solution to a longstanding problem.

In addition to improved on-boarding efficiency, PeopleSoft HCM can also reduce the hiring costs of any organization by standardizing the process by which new employees are orientated into the system. The on-boarding solution will be highly customizable, allowing businesses to modify the involved processes, the time period it takes, and the level of orientation the new employees get.

Streamlining the onboarding process is also a huge time saver. Image 23 can help any organization to orientate its employees within a predetermined period of time to ensure maximum employee training within the shortest periods.

PeopleSoft reports seeks to make the on-boarding process as fluid as possible. Image 23 will contain the tasks that a new employee will be expected to carry out within the first day or week of employment. This period is of course extendable to suit different organizations and business models. Customizable features of the PeopleSoft Image 23 make it adaptable enough to become a great on-boarding solution for various business models.

PeopleSoft promises to expand on areas like Pre-boarding, Trans-boarding, and Off-boarding as well as improve on the on-boarding functionality. They are aided by valuable input from an on-boarding focus group as well as their customer advisory group in addition to an endless trail of ideas and suggestions posted on PeopleSoft Idea’s page.

How Does HCM Fit Into Your Business?

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