OBIEE migration

What Advantages Can OBIEE Give Your Organization

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an innovative business intelligence suite for enterprises. It provides a comprehensive set of capabilities including gathering, storing, and online analytical processing (OLAP) of data. This helps enterprises make better and more informed decisions. OBIEE will also help your enterprise in the following ways:

1. It gives you an edge over your competitors
With increased customer expectations, competition among businesses is at an all-time high. Through the model, you will be getting real-time insights on marketing, finance, sales, and product development, among other things. Data availability will enable the teams within your organization to collaborate better and realize better results. Ultimately, this will help you outsell competing companies.

2. It helps in sales forecasting
OBIEE helps you gather a specific client’s ordering pattern. This will help you predict when clients are likely to place their next orders and what they will be for. Apart from allowing you to create enough supply to meet the demand, it will also afford your sales agents the chance to upsell by proposing paired or more suitable products. Also, your marketing team will be able to advertise at the appropriate time.

3. It provides you with better consumer insight
Through OBIEE, you will be able to read and interpret consumer trends and behaviors. This will help you fine-tune your operations using the availed data as you can make informed decisions on what, when and how to sell your products. This results in more efficient and effective product campaigns and strategies which increases your business’s profitability.

4. Provides you with a unified business model
The system is built on a model that works in tandem with other tools such as Oracle Fusion HCM. Linking up different departments through business intelligence tools will help you adjust the way operational tasks are done. As such, your enterprise will not need to purchase and install additional infrastructure as OBIEE integrates with most of the data sources, popular business applications, application servers, extraction transformation and load tools, portal technology, and most of the analytical tools. It also integrates with other databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Analysis Services, XML data, SAP Business Warehouse, flat files, and unstructured data.

OBIEE Migration from DataTerrain

OBIEE Migration will improve your metrics and KPIs that are key to your business’ success. With OBIEE, the data availed is not only used by analysts and scientists, but also by everyone within the enterprise to increase their productivity. Finally, OBIEE support is vital to ensure data is handled efficiently by all departments and teams. Contact the team at DataTerrain to see how to propel your organization into the global market with cloud-based BI tools and report conversion.