DataTerrain launches new version of automation tool for business intelligence reports

DataTerrain Inc launches a unique new version of automation tool that will enable users to convert or transport Business Intelligence reports to modern reporting infrastructure. This new version of code is the result of years of research and experience in converting thousands of real-world reports. The focus of the tool is to preserve and transport the design, functionality, look & feel of current reports to the modern reporting world in minutes.

The newer version of the tool utilizes enhanced extract, transform and transport components to suit many Business Intelligence products and delivers unparalleled consistency. Customers can dramatically lower their conversion cost and time. It is time to say goodbye to legacy reporting and take advantage of the new features in Business Intelligence via automation.

DataTerrain automation system also converts the metadata layers of Business Intelligence reporting to the newer technologies, thereby delivering a full-scale analytical reporting environment. Every report can be neatly plugged to work with the new metadata layer and operate as one single well integrated analytical engine.

Automation to new Business Intelligence reporting infrastructure directly benefits customers to remove unwanted reports and reduce the clutter in reporting. Automation allows standardizing the reporting presentation across the corporation in the most affordable and fastest track possible.

DataTerrain offers fixed-price modeling that eliminates fluctuation in project cost. Please contact us for on-demand demonstrations-