Jaspersoft supports Multi-tenancy configuration in Server level.

The following are some major features and benefits of Jaspersoft Multi-tenancy.

• Multi-tenancy in Business Intelligence offers various advantages to a customer like easy updates and upgrades, Shared infrastructure, lower cost and maintenance, optimized performance efficiency, development and deployment cost reduction, etc.

• Jaspersoft allows achieving Multi-tenancy in Professional Server edition.

• Customers can create multiple organization, assign roles, row level and column level security (in the meta-data layer called Domain) in order to achieve a multi-tenant environment.

• In Jaspersoft Multi-tenant mode which comprises of users using the application from multiple organizations, information from one organization cannot be viewed by other organization users.

• Multi-tenancy offers users from multiple organization with mechanisms to protect data privacy.

• Jaspersoft helps users to design a Multi-tenant environment from Jaspersoft server to provide better security and data privacy in a few configuration steps.

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