DataTerrain, a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, announced the launch of its “BI DesignerPlus” for customers who are looking to create complex OBIEE reports. This is especially useful for customers who are migrating from Hyperion BRIO to Oracle OBIEE.

BRIO Interactive Reporting (IR) has many popular and most appreciated features (like CUME). Oracle has extended support of Hyperion BRIO beyond its expiration date of 2010. Oracle provided extended support till April 2018. But with BRIO IR’s / SQR code life reaching end of support and enhancements development life cycle creates a need for supporting customers in newer products (OBIEE) with familiar features from the Hyperion world.

BI DesignerPlus developed by DataTerrain includes many of the popular BRIO features in the new Oracle OBIEE reports development studio. The simpler and easier icons save enormous time and provides comfort for report developers to deliver complex reports in the new OBIEE reporting. BI DesignerPlus is a new plugin which works as an extension for Oracle OBIEE that bridges gaps from the Hyperion BRIO to newer OBIEE 11g or 12C.

The number one benefit of using the BI DesignerPlus is that even complex OBIEE reports can be created with minimal XML coding knowledge, which saves significant time and costs in expert skills.

Following are some of the features in BI DesignerPlus that makes every development easy:

  • CUME function support which returns a cumulative running total
  • Alternate row color for Tables
  • Suppression of Duplicates in Table
  • Distinct Count data aggregation for chart
  • Running Sum
  • Running Count

BI DesignerPlus brings in the many best features of the report authoring tools as extension to Oracle OBIEE 11g / 12C. The new GUI for easier Chart creation and several other feature save considerable time in day to day report modification or creation.

As customers develop more complex reports or migrate reports from existing BRIO platform, BI DesignerPlus gives the smart report creation advantage:

  • Time savings – the out-of-box functionalities significantly reduces the time to create a report
  • Cost savings – reduce the dependency of expert developers, as XML coding would be minimal and tons of manual errors can be avoided.

DataTerrain is committed to be ahead of customer BI needs, delivering state-of-the-art solutions to increase business productivity while reducing costs. BI DesignerPlus is one of the products which will achieve these goals. Customers using BI DesignerPlus will typically benefit from 80% reduction in effort creating BI Publisher reports.

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