Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI gateway is a software that is required to access data in a network. It acts as a gatekeeper for the on-premises data source.

The request goes through the gateway if anyone needs to access on-premises data from a cloud or web-based app.
There are 2 types of Power BI Gateways
Standard Mode – This gateway allows multiple data sources for more than one user. You can use the data in Power BI, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, etc.
Personal Mode – This data gateway is used by only one user to connect to different data sources. In this mode the user cannot share its user privilege with other users.
You can use the data gateway in Power BI by following the four steps below:
● Install a gateway in your system.
● Add users to the gateway.
● Connect to on-premises data sources.
● Refresh on-premises data.

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