Oracle Fusion HCM Extract adds a list of parameters to the Extract by default based on the profile (such as HR, Payroll, Benefits etc.) that we select to create the HCM Extract. To modify the provided list of parameters in the Extract as per our requirements, Refine Extracts feature can be used.

Using Refine Extracts, we can manage the HCM Extract Parameters as given below:

1. We can have different type of parameters such as Choice list, Date Picker, Radio Button and List of Values.
2. Using Lookup in the Refine Extracts, We can select which column should be used as parameter.
3. We can also set the parameter value to be derived from a SQL using Post SQL Bind.
4. Default values could be set to the parameter, this will be useful when we are running the Extract only for a particular Legal Employer or Payroll at all times.
5. A Parameter can be displayed or hidden. Display option could be set to NO, if we would like to hide a parameter.


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