oracle HCM

Employee retention is undoubtedly the second most important task right next to hiring the right employee. Employee retention has been a challenging issue from small to large corporations in all fields. In particular if the employee is good at his work then he is in demand intra to company and outside the company.

Balancing employer and employee needs is the solution. How do we reach this solution and what is needed for reaching that balance is what we are discussing in this article.

How do we find that a section of employees are business critical ?

How do we learn in advance the possibility of an employee leaving ?

Mitigating Employee Retention challenges can be done through analytics with the help of Oracle HCM Cloud. DataTerrain pre-built analytical reports extract data from Oracle HCM and can spotlight employee retention challenges and insights. Following the analysis business experts can arrive at data based solutions. The fact based current trends in the corporation are practical and not fictional.

There is no one stop solution for any challenge or challenges but having insights based on real data will give insights and direction hitherton not envisioned. To reach the right core data points via our analytics will be absolutely useful in real time. DataTerrain pre-built analytical reports were developed based on several real world implementations of HR systems and by interacting with HR veterans.

Oracle HCM Cloud streamlines HR processes for global payroll, diversity, and workforce management. DataTerrain’s Pre-built Oracle HCM reports streamlines the operations and improves employee retention. DataTerrain’s Pre-built Oracle HCM reports allows you to track and manage all HR data and events, including hires, transfers, promotions, and terminations.

DataTerrain experts can lay a solid foundation that helps you manage Employee Retention through our Pre-built Oracle HCM reports. Our experts at DataTerrain with years of experience have developed HCM Cloud based reports to help you create an innovative strategy for your business. Reach out to us @ 650-701-1100 for all of your business needs.