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AI Helps Improve Advanced BI Tools

Artificial intelligence has indeed become tech’s ultimate VIP thanks to its profound influence on a wide array of business processes. In the HR space, AI has helped do away with unnecessary bureaucracies, and simple management tasks that stalled effective personnel management. As such, it frees up time for HR pros to manage employees as people and subsequently enhance their productivity.

How AI is Revolutionizing HR Departments

Gathering employee feedback
Most organizations have the notion that employee feedback is in most cases complex and driven by emotion rather than reason. For this reason, companies have failed to collect and respond to employees’ opinions. AI has succeeded in giving back the employees their voice. Collecting, understanding, and acting upon the employees’ voice is the most ‘human’ task any organization could take on.

While in the past organizations have had to rely on employee surveys, now managers can easily get valuable feedback through HCM fusion reports.

AI is helping HR departments plan better
Through AI, leaders can obtain real-time data and use it to bring about sustainable change. Leaders in any organization no longer have to rely on past and current events to try to predict what might happen in the future. Through tools as Oracle Fusion HCM human resource managers can access personalized and predictive insights on their employees’ concerns. Thus, they can easily preempt negative sentiments or difficult situations before they escalate. Using the data obtained, managers and leaders can introduce change-oriented conversations that will bring about sustainable change.

Ease of operation
AI has significantly eased operations within the human resource department. For instance, it has eliminated mundane task thus freeing up time for more important tasks. It is also able to identify areas in your onboarding process that could be improved and also remove any bias in the recruitment process.

The nearly impossible task of ensuring that all the employees stay compliant has now been made possible through the use of such tools as Oracle Fusion HCM. AI makes it easy to deliver personalized training to employees which in turn ensures retention. Managers can answer questions and respond to any queries from their employees in real-time.

DataTerrain OBIEE Migration and Oracle HCM Fushion

In the modern era, human resource managers are being forced to focus on hiring, engaging, retaining, and developing the best talent. This explains why AI has become so appealing. It has helped leverage the use of intelligent machines so that managers can focus on the employees’ needs. If you are interested in learning more, contact us via our online contact form, and let us help you turn your company into a powerhouse using DataTerrain Automation.