Cognos powerplay

Cognos 8 Analysis Studio is a web-based system and is the component of IBM Cognos Analytics that you can use for multidimensional analysis and exploration of large data source. Cognos PowerPlay is an application that manages data exploration and reporting which is based on the PowerPlay Cubes.

The major differences between Cognos PowerPlay and Cognos 8 Analysis Studio are:

● Multidimensional data analysis: The features regarding additional calculations, ranking, sorting, generating charts, calculating subtotals, summarizing, filtering is equally implemented in both Analysis Studio and PowerPlay
● Exploring and reporting: Cognos PowerPlay has two data exploration modes – Explorer and Reporter, with can be easily switched in a dynamic way. It is a widely used feature by business users which implements dynamic data analysis and static reporting. Whereas, Cognos 8 Analysis Studio users need to utilize both Analysis Studio and Report Studio.
● Security: Cognos 8 Analysis Studio is an integrated architecture and implements a common security model which makes it easy to manage and support authorizations. Whereas, applying security to offline Cognos PowerPlay cubes is possible, however once the cube is distributed, the data may not be fully secure.
Support and maintenance: Cognos 8 Analysis Studio is an integrated platform. It is a lot easier to maintain metadata, data and report designs. All settings are stored centrally, while in PowerPlay each cube has its own metadata and database connections in a PowerPlay Transformer model.

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