HCM Efficacy Is Driven By Cloud Applications

Change is essential for businesses to thrive. However, this is not to say that it comes easy. When companies are going through significant changes or significant events such as acquisitions and mergers, a comprehensive HCM platform can help them efficiently work their way up by consolidating multiple processes and systems to ease the process.

One of the best examples of how vital an HCM report platform is to the smooth transitioning of a firm is XL Catlin.

In 2015, XL was a single firm in the course of adopting Cloud systems into their operations until they decided to acquire Catlin back in 2015. With different HR Systems among other fundamental aspects, it was necessary for the firm to identify a solution to help it unify and synonymize their operations to perform as a unit.

In their quest to find common ground and establish a unified company with a single HR, here are the lessons XL Catlin learned in their adoption of the Oracle HCM Cloud System.

1. Training

Moving to the Cloud Platform is neither easy nor instant. It takes time. As such, it is essential to set up a program for change management in the beginning. People change and subsequently move on, so be prepared!

2. The Oracle Community relationship needs maintenance

People also move on from Oracle’s side and as such, constant work is required to maintain the relationship with your support team (Oracle).

3. Pilot projects work wonders

Pilot projects give you a glimpse of how well the system can help your operations. Establish focus groups and run new features. Subsequently, select the best detractors and attractors internally and incorporate them into the system operations since it ultimately helps you in establishing your HR system.

4. Keep it simple

Keep it simple especially with your security (model) design and revisit regularly. Offer training to several security individuals to ensure you are not just dependent on a single individual.

5. Invest in reporting

Before anything, dedicate some resources at the start of your operation to reporting. Even if your activities are as minor as making configuration modifications, it is essential to have a reporting team setup.

6. Go slow on data migration

Before you make a shift from one solution to another, you should deliberate on what exactly you are looking to move over. You can always keep your data as read-only while shifting.

7. Always adhere to best practices

Make efforts to be informed on different product changes. What works best on one system may have a different effect on another. Only do what is necessary, and establish useful contacts (at Oracle), since they are important after you get out of your project phase.

8. Develop a good and reliable network

Your network is essential both outside and inside of HR. as such, establish a vast network of individuals within all the department and regions and continuously refresh them, as teams evolve.

9. Be sure to engage

Maintaining tight integration needs for you to have a central source to manage systems and processes which incorporate with other platforms and systems such as payroll, real estate, etc. Early engagement, as XL Catlin–that boasts approximately 60 integrations–has identified, is crucial.

10. Empower your team

Enroll your team in webinars as well as encourage them to join the Customer Connect Oracle Cloud community to boost their product knowledge and help them acquire the best and new practices.

HCM In A Global Market

In this period of strong globalization pressures and increased competitiveness, it is paramount for individual organizations to adopt measures that put to efficient use their available resources, particularly the human resource. We have spent years aiding our clients through the extensive use of BI tool migration and analytics. Contact us at DataTerrain to see how to propel your organization into the global market.