Jaspersoft is a leader among open source business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools. This is primarily due to the rich set of features which comes as part of the Jaspersoft platform.

• Jaspersoft reports Server embeds the Jaspersoft Reports engine and provides a user-friendly, web-based interface for end-users to run and view reports.
• Jaspersoft has an in-built report scheduler wizard through which we can set up a schedule and define the recurrence and frequency.
• Different types of export options are available such as PDF, XLS, CSV, DOCX, RTF, ODT, ODS, etc.
• Reports can be viewed seamlessly in desktop screen and mobile devices.
• Jaspersoft server supports a variety of datastores including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL.
• Jaspersoft handles a large volume of data with ease. Jaspersoft displays the initial page of a large report quickly and then loads the subsequent pages in the background, hence the output appears to be rendered fast.
Charts, visual text rotation and graphs can be created perfectly with some in-build properties such as appearance, borders, hyperlink, chart and chart plot.

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