OBIEE migration

Jaspersoft has various benefits and features that are helpful in real-world reporting and analytics.

The following are some of the Jaspersoft Core features:

• Pixel-perfect reporting: Jaspersoft offers very advanced control of page size and typography for the users to generate pixel-perfect invoices, forms and receipts reports which are to be printed.
• Native Barcode support: Barcode plays a vital role in Business intelligence reports in the retail and manufacturing sector globally and contains key information including manufacturer data, cost price, retail price and unique identifiers. Jaspersoft supports Barcode functionality by simple drag and drag approach of the Barcode component from the palette. It supports Barcode4J and Barbecue libraries.
• Subreports with highly complex layouts: Subreports can be designed with complex layouts and mapped in the main report with parameters passed from the main report to the subreport. In complex scenarios where there is a requirement to return values from another layout, return values feature from the subreports can be used.
• Style Template libraries: In BI Reporting, there is a common requirement for using the same style across a lot of reports that falls under the same category. For example, using Bold and Italics styles for all Invoice reports. In this scenario, we can use a jrtx style file that can be used as the shared resource by reports. The jrtx file can be created and updated from Jaspersoft studio which is an easily readable XML file.
• List/Table components with sub-datasets: There are multiple scenarios where there is a requirement for achieving a List/table layout with a different query apart from the main report’s query. Jaspersoft offers building List/Tables with sub-datasets, which can have their own queries separate from the main report’s query, as well as their own data sources.
• Data Source Connectivity: Jaspersoft supports numerous data source connectivity to access data. Custom JasperReports data source is also applicable. In addition, any report can use data from multiple data sources, which can be of different types
• Resource bundle properties: Localization can be achieved using a resource bundle file with the .properties extension. Resource bundle for each language with the mapping can be created and configured with the report.
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