Variables can be used to store partial results and do complex calculations with the data
extracted from data source. These values can then be used in other parts of the report,
including other variables.

Jaspersoft offers some built-in variables which are displayed as light grey color and the
properties of these variables cannot be edited. The built-in variable’s value changes
during the report execution.

The following are the most used built-in variables in Jaspersoft:

  • PAGE_NUMBER: It contains the current number of pages in the jasper report
    at report running time.
  • COLUMN_NUMBER: It contains the current number of columns.
  • REPORT_COUNT: It contains the number of records processed.
  • PAGE_COUNT: It contains the current number of records processed in the
    current page.
  • COLUMN_COUNT: It contains the current number of records processed
    during the current column creation.

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