What Advantages Can Oracle Cloud Give Your Organization

Workplaces are constantly evolving as new technologies and processes find their way into organizations. Most of these changes, such as working remotely, adopting an open office setup, providing employees with gym memberships, and so on are all geared towards boosting their productivity.

Digitizing the workplace is one of the proven ways of boosting productivity, and explains the increased adoption of cloud technology in workplaces. According to a recent Forbes article, 77% of organizations have at least one application, or a portion of their enterprise, in the cloud.

How does cloud computing boost productivity at the workplace?

Cloud computing can promote productivity and boost your profits in the following ways:

1. It promotes collaboration at the workplace
Through solutions such as the HCM cloud, employees are able to access data from anywhere and at any time. This facilitates easy collaboration among employees in different geographical areas in real-time. According to a study conducted by Cisco Community, this could boost productivity by about 400%.

2. It reduces the workload on your IT department
Cloud computing enables you to store all your data and applications in a central place. Rather than having your IT team purchase and install individual software licenses, the technology allows for instant updates and licenses.

3. Cloud computing reduces downtimes caused by IT issues
Apart from providing you with timely updates, cloud providers normally have a dedicated team that ensures your applications and processes are constantly running smoothly. As they have the resources and know-how on how to promptly resolve issues, IT downtimes are significantly reduced.

4. It helps you track your business’s performance and growth
Through BI support which enables comprehensive reporting, you can manage and track your business’s KPIs in real-time. This implies that you spend less time mining and tracking data.

5. Cloud computing is scalable
Most cloud computing solutions adapt to fluctuating workloads. You can also customize its features depending on your current needs and change them as it evolves or grows.

6. It promotes your workforce’s efficiency
Cloud computing enables your processes to run like a well-oiled machine. The use of cloud solutions such as Oracle Fusion HCM, customer support, bookkeeping, invoicing, and others take care of mundane tasks so that your workforce can concentrate on major tasks.

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