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The use of data has become an essential part of companies that wish to remain as competitive as possible. While the applications of data in areas like marketing and product development are obvious, analytics also play a key role in human resources operations. In this post, you’ll learn how data can help your organization’s internal functioning, especially when it comes to personnel and human capital management (HCM) software.

Keep in mind that these tools are advancing all the time. In the case of Oracle HCM Fusion reports backed by analytics, helpful data can even be generated at any time.

Building the Talent Pipeline

Data-driven solutions are available to ease the process of finding, developing, and even making succession plans for employees. Oracle’s HCM Cloud software handles the entire life cycle of an employee. It features recruiting tools that help organizations find high-quality potential fits, performance-measurement features to make sure current employees are appropriately compensated, and even career-development functionality to deliver personalized learning recommendations. This software suite also assists organizations in the process of successfully transitioning between different generations of leadership.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is another area in which data-driven businesses have a leg up. Absences can become easier to manage, thus reducing disruptions to companies. The analysis of people’s time logs becomes less tedious and more efficient, freeing up personnel to focus on other tasks. Perhaps most importantly, incident management functionality can help organizations become safer places to work. Cloud-based software makes these benefits available no matter how widespread an organization’s workspaces and employees are.

Responding to Problems

Even the best-run businesses run into challenges, but data can help them navigate those problems. In fact, rather than simply reporting problems, some programs can find the cause as well. The right tools can allow an HR specialist to not only see that resignations have increased in a specific area but immediately understand the reason why, allowing for a response.

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